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Niomi Devereux

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This is a chalk outline used by law enforcement officials and forensic scientists to assess the scene of an alleged crime. This symbol is the product of a barbaric action made in a moment of extreme emotion. In this time, more than any other in history, our emotions should be driving us to better the world, to help our fellow human, to bring peace into our lives. Instead, more brutal crimes are being committed than any other period of history.

This harsh icon of reality is given not to represent the actual death, but rather to serve as a wake up call to the observer. It is presented quietly to the world so that it may be vanquished.

I have spent my life as a writer. Initially, I created cross-word puzzles for a weekly out of Albuquerque. I also covered the New Mexico legislature as a lobbyist and writer of a monthly consumer health care newsletter out of Santa Fe. Currently, I have written two murder mysteries set in Phoenix, Arizona.