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Mary Dresser

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As we are all well aware, the ant is the superlative species on earth. I'm not truly certain how the web of life functions or how my existence will manifest itself after death. However, I do know that humankind is not my choice for life after the grave. Therefore, I have chosen a superior animal to entrust my person at the time of my demise.

My concept is to be cremated, then to have my ashes mixed with a suitable soil and placed into a large and elaborate ant habitat in the style of an oversized Ant Farm®. By becoming part of the ants' ecosystem, I am returning to the world as an essential, meaningful, and functioning aspect of life.

My interests have always lain with the world of biology. I have a very pragmatic world view. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust speaks to me as the way the world truly is. I was a major in environmental studies and the life sciences at UC Berkeley. I spend a lot of time outdoors, hiking and gardening, and being with my animals. I write poetry to express my soul. I earn my living by selling homes to people. I had at one time wanted to be a scientist, but although the theory and concepts are interesting, the day to day world of being inside of laboratories, and experimenting on animals did not appeal to me.