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Libby Reid

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As a mortal, I will die, but the need for an artist to sell themself is eternal. I give my Cartoonist Heart to be prepared as a homeopathic tincture. Take this tonic when you are irony deficient and need to see both the horror and humor of any life situation. The proceeds from "Heart of a Cartoonist®" will go to artists whose disappointed parents stopped sending them money.

Libby Reid is a nationally know cartoonist, author of the cartoon collections Do You Hate Your Hips More Than Nuclear War? and You Don't Have To Pet To Be Popular, published by Viking/Penguin. Her cartoon essays City Woman's Home Companion and Dr. Trudy True, Cartoon Therapist ran weekly for three years in the New York Daily News. She also creates cartoons and illustrations for magazines, greeting cards and advertising. After fifteen years of noticing too much in New York City, she now lives in the Pacific Northwest, where she appreciates lush greenery and good manners.